An Overview of Personal Injury Case Types

An Overview of Personal Injury Case Types

There is a large variety of personal injury case types. These can include animal bites, brain injuries, birth-related injuries, food poisoning, burn accidents, spinal cord injuries, nursing home abuse, aviation accidents, asbestos exposure, mesothelioma, and other tragic disasters. Typically, most law firms specialize in certain areas. It is important you work with a practice that has deep experience, knowledge, and success in your area of need.

Each year millions of people are injured, in motor vehicle accidents. Over 4.4 million people were injured and 38,800 were killed in 2019 alone. It is important to know, that as a result of an automobile accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. As the driver, passenger, or pedestrian, if you have been injured in an auto accident, you have legal recourse. An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney will defend your legal rights throughout the process. 

If you are injured or someone is killed at their place of employment, generally, you will be unable to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the employer. However, being injured at work does not mean you lack legal recourse. Rather, as the injured worker, you do have rights to claims under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. These rules of procedure cover a variety of compensation claims. It is advisable to have the proper counsel to help you through the hurdles, red tape, and processes associated with these claims. An experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer will guide you through the process and protect your rights.

Accidents that have been caused by dangerous or defective conditions on someone’s land is known as “Premises liability”. From commercial properties to a neighbor’s home, these accidents can occur anywhere at any time. Premises liability claims can result due to a variety of reasons. From slipping due to a dangerous walkway, or tripping over an object, even getting bitten by a dog, these are all real scenarios where the resulting injury may require a premises liability claim. Immediately after the occurrence, it is essential to document the condition that resulted in harm. The appropriate attorney will aid you through the process and protect your legal rights.

At Maes Law, we focus on Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workplace Accidents, and Premises liability. If you have been injured at work, outside of your home, or as the result of an automobile accident, we may be able to help you receive compensation that will need. Contact us so we can consult on your potential case.